A Mother/Daughter Story of Triumph Over Adversity
ISBN 0-7414-0815-5
Patti G. Fields

In a word, Curtain Call could save your life or the life of your child! Can't talk to your child about HIV/AIDS? Use Curtain Call as a catalyst to open a dialogue.

Are you single? You know better, but you roll the dice anyway. Read Curtain Call for self-empowerment.

Have you just been diagnosed HIV positive? Read Curtain Call for inspiration and education.

Dee Dee is 23, a healthy, vivacious actress, singer and dancer when she meets and falls in love with Al during a nine-month national tour of Cinderella. She doesn't smoke, drink or do drugs, and she was a virgin until 21. Eight months into the tour, too sick to complete it, Dee Dee returns home.

Then life-long dreams of Broadway, love and marriage shatter when she is diagnosed with AIDS.
Dee Dee quickly develops a fierce determination to save other lives by going public with her story.

Her message: "AIDS is a disease you don't have to get. Wise up. If this happened to me, it could happen to you!"

Patti Fields writes a rare thing—an intimate, eye-opening, myth-shattering family story that sheds new light on HIV/AIDS and women. Once in awhile a book comes along that not only opens your mind but leaves footprints on your heart.

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